MSK Business and Travel Group started its enterprise in the domain of Interpretation and Translation services. Since then, we have responded to the needs expressed by our Russian clients and have expanded the number of services we offer to an "all-in-one" approach to assisting their businesses.


To guarantee for our clients successful businesses and rich travel experiences while in Russia, we provide a large number of options. They include: consultations on current state of the market, search for potential clients, representation of their companies via the Virtual Office and dozens of other important services.


Our mission is simple and ambitious – MSK Business and Travel Group strives to provide an “all-in-one approach” to ensure the realization of all of your international projects!

MSK Business and Travel Group maintains regular and successful communication and consultation with many Russian and international companies as well as with government institutions, and we aim to expand the reach of our services.


Therefore MSK Business and Travel Group has now partnered with The Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFR) in order to better serve the needs of both our domestic and international client base.